The Manor of Fyling Court Leet
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Other Sources of Information

Many snippets of information, such as those mentioned below, are to be found in other archives and papers.

In a letter to JW Barry in 1911, G Buchannan asserted that "the Bursar's Rolls make it almost certain that the court of 1394-95 was held at South Fyling". He was referring to the 'Abbot's Tourn' mentioned in the Whitby Chartulary or Abbot's Book covering this period.

The tourn was a periodic court of the Sheriff, a role filled in this case by the Abbot, the Manor of Fyling then being owned by the Abbey and therefore part of the Liberty of Whitby Strand.

Individual lords of the manor often established the right to hold their own sheriffs tourn, and as late as 1959 our court summons still included the words "at the Court Leet with a view of Frankpledge and the Court Baron in the Sheriff's Tourn of Miss Monica Lucy Ann Strickland".

We also know that eighty five years ago AJ Buchannan advised the Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts that Court Leet rolls and records daring from 1558 were in the possession of Buchannan & White. Unfortunately, these early records have been accidentally lost.

According to the Victoria County History, in 1609 a witness for Sir Richard Cholmley, in a boundary dispute with Sir Thomas Hoby of Hackness, testified that the Cholmleys had held courts leet, tourns and three weeks courts ever since they possessed the manor (under lease from 1540, and later purchased in stages up to 1563).

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