The Manor of Fyling Court Leet
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Records held by the court

Records in the possession of the court are disappointingly few and incomplete. We have only the court rolls dating from 1814 to 1917, record books from 1815 to 1959 and a book of 1857 'Encroachments on the Waste Lands of Fylingdales'.
The two record books, recently re-bound in leather, give account of the deliberations and decisions of the Court between 1815 and 1839, but thereafter contain no details of the proceedings other than a very occasional mention of some special event such as a perambulation of the boundary. There is merely a list of jurors and the officials appointed at the annual meeting together with, invariably, the statement "and the jurors aforesaid upon their oaths aforesaid do amerce all persons in the said manor who have not attended to do suit and service at this court or made default in sending their essoigns being freeholders in the sum of sixpence and all householders in the sum of fourpence".
Regrettably we have no written record of the court's business for the twenty years from 1960 - 1979, but comprehensive loose-leaf minutes have been kept for the annual meetings from 1980 onwards and for all other full meetings from 1993.

North Yorkshire County Records Office.

A few records are held at Northallerton, where information relating to Fyling Court Leet is restricted to a small number of unrelated, individual documents and maps.
By far the most interesting document is the original 1682 'Roll of Pains', a list of penalties for minor misdemeanours, including such items as "that none shall put any scabbed horse upon the commons but he shall pay under pain of default 10s Od" and "that none shall put any bull segges into the ox pasture to the annoyance of the milk cows but he shall pay under pain of default 5s Od".
The Roll of Pains was subsequently renewed, added to or revised in response to changes in customs and practices at various times up to 1873, when the last version was set down in the record book we possess.

Also held at the County Record Office are the Articles of Enquiry dated 1737, a Call Roll for 1756, and maps of the intakes on Fylingdales Moor in 1857.

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