The Manor of Fyling Court Leet
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The Work and Officers of the Court

Today we are actively engaged in managing and protecting the moor. All income, after expenses, is held for the benefit of the Common.

The officers of the Court are as follows:

Lord of the Manor - not strictly an Officer of the Court
Seneschal - In charge of the Court on behalf of the Lord of the Manor.
Bailiff - In day to day charge of the Court's business. Collecting Fines, dealing with minor encroachments, supervising Garths and Enclosures, and communications with other Agencies.
Affearors (2) - Assess the fines to be levied for encroachments.
Moorsman - excercises general supervision of the Common and reports on the condition of the Garths and moorland.
Forman of the Jurers - The senior Juror.

The day to day work of the Court is many and varied. The Bailiff is usually the first port of call for issues, which are then escalated to other Court members if required. A number of meeting are held over the year, normally at the place or location where there is an issue.
The Court has a formal annual meeting where all members are summoned and obliged to be present.

An example of the Court Summons:

Here are a typical set of items on the Agenda of an annual meeting:

Reports by Moorsman, Affearors, Senschal
Clearance of rubbish left on the Moor
Requests by Commoners to exercise grazing rights
Allocation of Garths and privileges
Management of the Moor - bracken, heather burning, ditching, hedging, fencing Erection of signs
Legal matters - easements of access, disputes, rights of way etc.
Countryside Stewardship schemes
High level Stewardship scheme
Dates and locations for Boundary walks

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